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Sibenik – cruise destination
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Šibenik is the centre of Šibenik-Knin County. 152 thousand people live in Šibenik-Knin County in 12 districts, 194 settlements and 5 towns. Around 55 thousand people live in Šibenik. Central part of the region is separated in two parts by deep canyons of the rivers Krka and Čikola, the lake of Prukljan and the channel of Šibenik, however, the river Krka represents at the same time the bond which has since the ancient times integrated the area of north and central Dalmatia in one unique unity – the Šibenik region.

The Krka River is particularly important due to its hydro potential and fresh water supplies, as well as f a tourist destination for its natural values and beauty. Great natural and economical importance lies in the sea and coastal area where tourism has been developed in numerous places famous for natural environment, architectural heritage and variety of tourist attractions.

Climate is Mediterranean with very high yearly insolation (2710 hours). Summer temperatures are relatively high, but tempered by landward breeze. Precipitation rate is the highest in the winter, and the summers are predominantly dry. Coastal vegetation is Mediterranean.

The sea is the greatest treasure of the region with 56.2 km of coast in a straight line and 805,9 km of real coast. The largest flowing water is the river of Krka which creates numerous cascades (Miljacka, Manojlovac, Bilušić buk, Roški slap and Skradinski buk). Two National Parks are situated in the area of Šibenik-Knin County – Krka and Kornati.

The town of Šibenik is cultural, administrative and economical centre of the region. Numerous cultural institutions are situated in the town – the County Museum with Archaeological, Historical, Ethnographical, Exhibition and Natural department; Archive; Local library; Administration for Protection of Cultural and Natural Heritage – Institute of Ancient Monuments, Šibenik, Theatre, International Children’s Festival, Gallery of St. Krševan, Administration of National Park “Krka”, Singing Association Kolo (since 1899).

A few cities have managed to conserve so many proofs of its existence like Šibenik – the ancient town once surrounded with strong fortifications, the town which stands and lasts for almost ten centuries, destroyed with rage and envy to be rebuilt with love.

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